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i rise early the african sun already painting shadows on my curtains. i unlock the safety doors which seperate the sleeping rooms from the rest of the house. the dogs grey and white hair slightly touching my bare leg running beside me. for once more i feel love growing inside of me, while waiting for the water to boil. love for the soft shaped red hills and the iceblue sky. for grace our maid singin in her gardenhouse for the smell of bap and the knowing that this day is mine. i open the door to sit on the stairs outside watching the zulu workers slowly walking to the houses in the white suburbs. spencer sitting on my left foot me drinking my coffee. ten minutes later he gets so hungry that he starts to sobber on my naked skin so i laugh get up and get the dog it's food. i change, put on my school shoes, my stockings and my grey skirt, nadas car waiting outside. i jump into the car immediately caught by the vibrating african beats of nadas kwaito music. hello mama sawubona? good honey..off we are out of the suburbs, on the highway to soweto. kamo is sitting on my lap dancing like her mother, her eyes so wide opened glancing at me that i have to laugh. she's only four but yet the most beautiful young girl i have seen in my life so far. her skin's as brown as the old trees in mpumalanga were and her eyes are so dark and big you could forget sometimes that this lil girl has the courage to steal an old mans cane. stopping by to fetch a few other mamas and papas we ride for more than two hours through the townships of johanneburg. though most of the people are sitting at the back of nadas pick up still inside we are seven..and yeah i love it. being so close to my granma, feeling her rough hands on my arms, hearing her clique with the accent of the desert, my baby sister on my lap. the beat of nadas music fits to the area. drastic base beats suit the townships standard getting worse, corrugated iron huts, shacks build with plastic bags and pieces of wood. people staring at me but it ain't that warm loving gaze the zulu's have for me in soweto. we are almost in mpumalanga, this is the homeland of inmigrants from simbabwe, mozambique.. these people are allowed to settle on every piece of land in south africa, even if it's private, the owner is not able to chase them away. african asylum. but also these people are tired, hungry and full of hate. no opportunities for them working in south africa, no documents neither water nor electricity. escaping from war and murderer here they find poverty crime and starvation. i'm shocked, deeply moved inside by another unknown face of this country.
nadas car hits something on the roas, but she (tbc)
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