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all i need to feel flyin high from deep down inside is sun, my friends around and some kwaito. it makes me smile that smile of an elder sister watching her lil brother play soccer in the streets, the smile of that old man waiting for his daughter at the airport, your smile sitting at the tram station asking me for a cigarette..my eyes glancin', people tellin' me i'm beautiful.
contrasting to the moments of being lost and lonely but it ain't one now so skip it jack.
what i wanted to do is write down another african day. another day imprinted on my soul. i need to get them written down to make space for the days to come in jo'burg, memories are hittingly vivid sometimes. perfect moment for that now.

one day in capetown.. waking up in the mother's city early in the morning. i turn around smile at anna still sleeping, open up the window to breath in a big cities smell. it's sunday morning, yesterday night's recalling. we met to guys vignorant and clinton, both coloured men, in a jazz club. bling bling but amazingly polite and fun. two big brothers from where the ostriches are from. off to the afro café. no rushing no stress in mama cape town's streets. we cross the street markets, women are plaiting hair on the pavements, sweets and fruits, good morning sweethearts. the taxi rank, into long street. the shops aren't open yet, no kids in school uniform or workers on the street. a group of marimba musicians are resting on the curch's stairs waiting for the tourists to wake up. street kids. beggars. we sit down outside the afro cafe. style is all i can say. capetown is a colourfull bright mixture of old british ladies, bid zulu mama's, handsome fashion and design students, coloureds, indians, jews, retro guys even punker. they are all completing my picture of the african prag, cape town. traditional dresses next to white sock in sandals, bare feet, retro skirts, sneakers and black suits. the cafe's owner tells us about a beautiful spot, and explains the way to us. as she finds out we're no bloody tourists in her country she opens up her heart, feeling responsible for all south africans coming along our way not treating us like their own children..
30.4.07 20:56

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