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unbearbeitet. kontaktabzüge. er und ich

breakdown while staring concentrated into nowhere. you made me blush with those words

[forget all about it.. not expected, but you're nothing but another one, not deserving to know the words i love you.
i won't share no longer. though you know i'm a wanderin girl you slammed me across the face with this. i was your substitute, a way to forget her. i didn't even mind, i kept the distance between us. remember what you wanted to do for me? because you was lonely, boy not because you love me. loving people don't hop around finding 'nother one within one week. but now.. all em lies lu - i shoud've known better. all that cryin not to lose me.. when did you meet her? six days ago? and where's the love gone? mind your words next time .. thought you were brilliant. go for life, lu. but go alone.]
28.4.07 16:15

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