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just me and my camera.
far away from you ,traitors, spending a few days in venlo without me (: na
lu stay 'ome. i mean it would be an honor for me to show you berlin to be with you. but you do so much lovely night-away-takin things for me.
get some sleep vienna killed you, i know.
but i wudn't mind a 'wir treffen uns am alex, bis gleich' on my phone on thursday morning. the kooks - ooh la.
yesterday night made me so angry, pandillo.
me and her walking down to the irish pub, dancing, laughing.
car stopping by 'e lockenkopf komm her' slowly driving next to us on the pavement. 'hau ab' 'komm doch mal her, steig ein ich nehm dich mit.' sorry guys but what does the sun do to you? the last ten days have been horror.
african men don't act that stupid. hwo can you lose your dignity and pride by doing that? the only thing that makes you attractive to a girl like me?
'danke ich kenn den weg'
and i know which man to take to the women's toilet (': sorry boy
10.4.07 11:53

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