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tram at five fourty.
das abteil ist voll von müden afrikanern.
ich mache die augen zu höre dem klicken der nigerianer zu.
gebrochenes englisch.
coffee to go
her poncho
the sun is rising but it's still damn cold
intense happiness and a shared rushed cigarette
sinkin into the bus seats
she's sitting next to a monster.
the kooks- jackie big tits
my vans next to the leftover of a joint
hello mama, hello big city
first coffee in amstel, sunshine waterloo.
three girls shopping
'good god, nice'
dying for some bling bling vans and the chocolate man selling em ($)
wok to go.
'some space for the beautiful ladies'
second hand.
sixties n sailors.
'tomatoes? ye, please. you like tomatoes? yeah. they like you too, they told me.. can i call you?'
(to) marvel
(to) be in love with
(to) soak up
soul night.
sofa moments.
'can you fix it? no..sorry. ok i really need a new one than. 15 bucks. sorry? jo, make it reasonable for her man. 8? reasonable. ok you can have it for free, girla.. i dig your style.'
das leben ist ein ponyhof
i hear them talking bout next time.
bout chinatown.
a rock'n roll concert.
and those replay jeans.
me drifting off..
3.4.07 11:42

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