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all i need to feel flyin high from deep down inside is sun, my friends around and some kwaito. it makes me smile that smile of an elder sister watching her lil brother play soccer in the streets, the smile of that old man waiting for his daughter at the airport, your smile sitting at the tram station asking me for a cigarette..my eyes glancin', people tellin' me i'm beautiful.
contrasting to the moments of being lost and lonely but it ain't one now so skip it jack.
what i wanted to do is write down another african day. another day imprinted on my soul. i need to get them written down to make space for the days to come in jo'burg, memories are hittingly vivid sometimes. perfect moment for that now.

one day in capetown.. waking up in the mother's city early in the morning. i turn around smile at anna still sleeping, open up the window to breath in a big cities smell. it's sunday morning, yesterday night's recalling. we met to guys vignorant and clinton, both coloured men, in a jazz club. bling bling but amazingly polite and fun. two big brothers from where the ostriches are from. off to the afro café. no rushing no stress in mama cape town's streets. we cross the street markets, women are plaiting hair on the pavements, sweets and fruits, good morning sweethearts. the taxi rank, into long street. the shops aren't open yet, no kids in school uniform or workers on the street. a group of marimba musicians are resting on the curch's stairs waiting for the tourists to wake up. street kids. beggars. we sit down outside the afro cafe. style is all i can say. capetown is a colourfull bright mixture of old british ladies, bid zulu mama's, handsome fashion and design students, coloureds, indians, jews, retro guys even punker. they are all completing my picture of the african prag, cape town. traditional dresses next to white sock in sandals, bare feet, retro skirts, sneakers and black suits. the cafe's owner tells us about a beautiful spot, and explains the way to us. as she finds out we're no bloody tourists in her country she opens up her heart, feeling responsible for all south africans coming along our way not treating us like their own children..
30.4.07 20:56


unbearbeitet. kontaktabzüge. er und ich

breakdown while staring concentrated into nowhere. you made me blush with those words

[forget all about it.. not expected, but you're nothing but another one, not deserving to know the words i love you.
i won't share no longer. though you know i'm a wanderin girl you slammed me across the face with this. i was your substitute, a way to forget her. i didn't even mind, i kept the distance between us. remember what you wanted to do for me? because you was lonely, boy not because you love me. loving people don't hop around finding 'nother one within one week. but now.. all em lies lu - i shoud've known better. all that cryin not to lose me.. when did you meet her? six days ago? and where's the love gone? mind your words next time .. thought you were brilliant. go for life, lu. but go alone.]
28.4.07 16:15

hips don't lie

die sonne geht grade unter. hanna kocht kaffee. kaffee mit zimt. gleich mit dem fahrrad zu philipp. mary j. und seine parti. vielleicht steht in der nacht ein weißer mercedes vor seinem haus. negro africano. f is back from dubai. dann fahren wir durch die nacht. in einen club mit plastiktischdecken und schwarzen dicken mama's barfuß. oder hören soul aus nigeria. wir lachen über menschen die uns anstarren. weil wir verdammt gut aussehen zusammen. schwarz auf weiß.
vielleicht fahre ich auch mit dani nachts angetrunken in den busch am feldrand.
morgen seh ich euch in düsseldorf. sonntag beim shisharauchen bei mir. oder montag abend wo immer wir tanzen. ich bin wach. aufgeregt und max fragt was er anziehen soll. wie immer. tru love.
27.4.07 19:18

café moskau

favourites in berlin:
yaam ostbahnhof > african street culture & basketball court seed's hood.

ghana freedom bash mit root b. tama & george darko it says on the flyer. love it.
tram ride. prenzlauer berg. das akuna matata + konnopkes imbiss. are you from tanzania?..eh ja.
deeroys dub store. kwaito in berlin. wo gehst du heute abend hin? dubwohnzimmer. raw temple + cassiopeia. warschauerstrasse. ich komme mit.

dig a little deeper. plattenladen.

solebox oldschool adidas. nostylefuckers.
mango juice and a cigarette at kauf dich glücklich. nice ice baby.

mymo. die beiden schwulen von tragfläche. nebenan.

der klo palast

beim tvp. kwaito club in berlin. african house.

russian soldier in berlin. er sieht aus als würde er direkt von der front kommen.. tee? schreit er. guter mann.

U2 richtung spandau rosa luxemburg platz they'd call it dirty

supalife kiosk. drehmoment record store. großartiger hund. wunderschöner mann (:
x-tra-x schönhauser allee.hollywood 60's leoparden couch mit espresso und einer.. transe? frau mit tiefer whiskey stimme?

twister. ich muss nochmal hin. die frau hatte ein tattoo was so umwerfend war.. ich komm es abpausen.


lieblings ort in berlin. biergarten. café cinema. record store. gallerie streetart berlin. erschrockene touristen.

klar, adidas originals & paul frank besucht.
massai..ghana passion fruit beer. berlin nachts con mi madre.
zigarillo & martini.

warschauerstrasse. lovelite. funk & soul. dubwise sensation verpasst.

tourist time.

bus ride to kreuzberg. coffee. streetculture. shopping.

selbstportrait. türkisches schokoladen bad.
ein tag im park.
sushi bei papa nó.
fred perry 'n ben sherman. tram styler. fashion boogie.

drei pyewacket verkäufer hanna und die cola light mitten in der sonne. eine stunde teilen. mai sol.+ scratch records mit soultrade. oraninenstraße.

ich möchte wieder hin.
club lido steht auf dem flyer, kreuzberg.27.4. mark foggo & the solitos.
21.7. ska reggae open air festival. the busters. makana spielt auch mitten in kreuzberg.
so ein zufall.

oh absoluter geheimtip > bergmannstrasse. fell in love.
13.4.07 12:06

just me and my camera.
far away from you ,traitors, spending a few days in venlo without me (: na
lu stay 'ome. i mean it would be an honor for me to show you berlin to be with you. but you do so much lovely night-away-takin things for me.
get some sleep vienna killed you, i know.
but i wudn't mind a 'wir treffen uns am alex, bis gleich' on my phone on thursday morning. the kooks - ooh la.
yesterday night made me so angry, pandillo.
me and her walking down to the irish pub, dancing, laughing.
car stopping by 'e lockenkopf komm her' slowly driving next to us on the pavement. 'hau ab' 'komm doch mal her, steig ein ich nehm dich mit.' sorry guys but what does the sun do to you? the last ten days have been horror.
african men don't act that stupid. hwo can you lose your dignity and pride by doing that? the only thing that makes you attractive to a girl like me?
'danke ich kenn den weg'
and i know which man to take to the women's toilet (': sorry boy
10.4.07 11:53


tram at five fourty.
das abteil ist voll von müden afrikanern.
ich mache die augen zu höre dem klicken der nigerianer zu.
gebrochenes englisch.
coffee to go
her poncho
the sun is rising but it's still damn cold
intense happiness and a shared rushed cigarette
sinkin into the bus seats
she's sitting next to a monster.
the kooks- jackie big tits
my vans next to the leftover of a joint
hello mama, hello big city
first coffee in amstel, sunshine waterloo.
three girls shopping
'good god, nice'
dying for some bling bling vans and the chocolate man selling em ($)
wok to go.
'some space for the beautiful ladies'
second hand.
sixties n sailors.
'tomatoes? ye, please. you like tomatoes? yeah. they like you too, they told me.. can i call you?'
(to) marvel
(to) be in love with
(to) soak up
soul night.
sofa moments.
'can you fix it? no..sorry. ok i really need a new one than. 15 bucks. sorry? jo, make it reasonable for her man. 8? reasonable. ok you can have it for free, girla.. i dig your style.'
das leben ist ein ponyhof
i hear them talking bout next time.
bout chinatown.
a rock'n roll concert.
and those replay jeans.
me drifting off..
3.4.07 11:42


turning her face to the sun-reflecting mirror -
she recognizes the entrance stamp saying
'maximo park our earthly pleasures out 30/3/07'
on her left cheek

perfect night.

[up there is mama myriam makeba. great voice. great woman been fighting for the liberation of black poeple in south africa. felt like posting you a song. why? they asked me to go to sondela. they asked me to come back home.]
1.4.07 13:00

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